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Digital Strategy Consulting Brooklyn NY - Geoff Sheerar

Geoff Sheerar
Owner & Digital Strategy Consultant
Sheerar Strategies LLC

How I Can Help You

The 2 Step Process to Get Started

1. Set up a free preliminary interview to determine which types of support your organization needs to reach its goals.

2. Review possible opportunities and offer you specific strategies to achieve those goals, which I can guide you through or do for you.

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Services Available


Offered individually and in combination, select for more details.


Custom Content Marketing

Custom Content Marketing

Developing and producing content engaging to your primary target markets.

Local Online Directory Management

Local Online Directory Management

Insuring each component of your company’s online identity performs effectively.

Custom Website Builds

Custom Website Builds

Developing a responsive website that improves your visibility and shows off the best of your organization.

Consulting on Special Projects

Consulting on Special Projects

Ongoing development of comprehensive plans and consistent actions to meet your goals.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Creating email campaign strategies that keep your business top of mind to your target markets.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Helping people find and engage with your business regardless of their favorite social media platform.

Analytics Reporting & Analysis

Analytics Reporting & Analysis

Helping you identify, understand and take action on critical metrics.

Operational Efficiencies

Operational Efficiencies

Optimizing your marketing and operational structures to be most effective for hitting your goals.

Specialized Training

Specialized Training

Guiding you and your team in utilizing the tools essential to effective execution on today’s digital landscape.

What Clients Say

Since working with Sheerar Strategies, my clients have been more consistent and loyal. Geoff really understood my personality and how to relate that to my clients to make me stand out from others. He opened my eyes to the possibility of expanding my business online. Geoff helped me take hold of my business and make it my own.

Digital Strategy Consulting Brooklyn NY | Optimization, Marketing & SalesJamie Nelson, Owner & Stylist
Ember Salon
Boulder, CO


I would definitely recommend Geoff to any small business owner who is looking for a strategist, partner and team member (all in one!) to help coordinate specific or broad growth initiatives for their company. His thoroughness, attention to detail, and passion for the success of his clients truly sets him apart from the many other consultants we have worked with over the years.

Gandhar Savur, Partner & Attorney
Savur Threadgold LLP
New York, NY


Geoff has been a great asset in helping me create and organize a marketing strategy. He combines an analytical and creative approach and is disciplined and organized in keeping me on track to meet deadlines and goals.

Richard Stanton, Owner & Broker
Stanton Company Realtors
Montclair, NJ


Highly ethical, highly recommended! Geoff taught me a lot about running a business, managing employees, marketing, and leadership. I am implementing much that he helped me with and I definitely look forward to working with him again.

Digital Strategy Consulting Brooklyn NY | Optimization, Marketing & SalesDr. Sue Keller, Owner & Dentist
Strong & Healthy Smiles
Florence, MA


I recommend Geoff without hesitation. Coupled with a real expertise in the development of marketing campaigns and management, he is a pleasure to work beside. Geoff goes the extra mile to understand the finite detail of the project at hand and works tirelessly to achieve the goals.

Digital Strategy Consulting Brooklyn NY | Optimization, Marketing & SalesCyndee Johnson, Owner & Coach
Medford, OR


The whole project has been excellent. It has created a new backstop for the validity of my role and the work that I do. I received ten to twelve deals last year just from people who found me because of my increased visibility online.

Digital Strategy Consulting Brooklyn NY | Optimization, Marketing & Sales , Jim KrollJim Kroll, Branch Manager
Loan Depot
Brooklyn, NY


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Industries Represented

  • Architecture

  • Str. Engineering

  • Real Estate

  • Retail

  • Beauty

  • Professional Services

  • Health Care

  • Legal

  • Financial

  • Not-for-Profit


Why Clients Choose Sheerar Strategies


  • Trusted experience and proven results.

  • Operational and marketing services under one roof.

  • Cost effective strategies grounded in financial return.

  • Maximize measurable results, minimizing time spent.

  • Utilize new and evolving marketing platforms.

  • Consistent and dedicated support.



Contact me to set up a time to discuss strategies for hitting the goals of your organization.

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